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Monday, August 23, 2021

Funny wisdom quotes

 Funny wisdom quotes that will make you laugh

Funny wisdom quotes likewise shed light on quite a bit of the truth as clever wisdom. Renowned scholars and thinkers regularly express life's incongruity wrapped up as comedy and humor assists with effectively expressing the idea.

Funny wisdom quotes

“Judgmental people are mental people!”

Here is the
collection of funny wisdom quotes. Don’t forget to share these funny quotes on wisdom with your friends and families. Also, you can share these funny wisdom quotes on your social media timelines.

Inspirational funny wisdom quotes are among the most well-known things you will discover, showing up in workplaces, work environments, shops, the web, guard stickers banners, and numerous different spots. They give wisdom, entertainment, and motivation to people. Frequently with the straightforward utilization of a couple of words.

In Slightly Twisted Words of Wisdom and Other Funny Sayings, you'll discover many quotes, some you've presumably never heard, all happy and conveyed with a trace of fun.

Funny wisdom quotes with images

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Funny wisdom quotes
1. “If your outerwear is dignity, make sure your underwear is integrity!”

Funny wisdom quotes
2. “When kids are born, they are blessings, as they grow up they gradually become lessons.”

Funny wisdom quotes
3. “Be good! But, if you can't be, at least don't get caught.”

Funny wisdom quotes
4. “Wise men treat everyone equally, so do foolish people. It's everyone else who is confused.”


Funny wisdom quotes

5. “Those who blow their own trumpets often end up hoarse.”

Funny wisdom quotes
6. “Talk less if you want to communicate more.”

Funny wisdom quotes
7. “If you are taking life seriously you are not wise yet.”

Funny wisdom quotes
8. “Talk less, you are cool too much and you are a Fool.”- Faisal Al Jammaz

Funny wisdom quotes
9. “For opportunities to fall into your lap, you first have to be sitting down.”

Funny wisdom quotes
10. “When you steal from a thief, you can bet they will never call the cops.”

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Text Funny wisdom quotes

Here is the collection of text funny wisdom quotes that will make you laugh. Don’t forget to share these funny wisdom quotes with your friends and families to make them laugh. Also, you can share these funny wisdom quotes on your social media status.

  1. “To know how old or young you currently are, check new photos of those you went to school with!”
  2. “I don't play golf for second place, I either win or gain experience.”
  3. “You see doctors have good health, therefore see consultants to have good decisions.”
  4. “Lying against the truth is like believing an ant to win a battle with an elephant.”
  5.  “Never serve who doesn't serve oneself; never serve who can serve oneself.”
  6. “When fools try to fool others, they actually manifest how foolish they are.”
  7. “If your love is found. Congrats, you've just won something you'll possibly lose again.”
  8. “Divorce is just a way of getting rich quick.”
  9. “Remember that time when you offered your advice? Me neither.”
  10. “There are three types of people in this world; Problem seekers, Problem Solvers, and Problem 'see you later.”

What was your favorite funny wisdom quote from the above funny wisdom quotes?

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