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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Maddy euphoria quotes

 Top 10 Maddy euphoria quotes

Maddy Euphoria Quotes. Maddy Perez from Euphoria is utterly iconic in more ways than one. She has a wardrobe that can kill, a brilliant sense of humor, and an abundance of confidence in herself that some people spend their whole lives yearning to achieve. 

Maddy euphoria quotes
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Her playful attitude and bold actions make Maddy Perez one of the most lovable characters in television history. She isn't afraid to be true to herself and she doesn't have time to be modest- Maddy knows her greatness, and she doesn't shy away from it.

Maddy euphoria quotes Images

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Maddy euphoria quotes
1. "She never really had any desire to have a career or job."
- Maddy Quotes

Maddy euphoria quotes
2. "Do you think my areolas look weird?"
- Maddy Quotes

Maddy euphoria quotes
3. "Kissing is worse. It's so much more intimate." - Maddy Quotes

Maddy euphoria quotes
4. "I’m just saying, love, is a million things." - Maddy Quotes

Maddy euphoria quotes
5. "I’m not supposed to be here right now because I'm dressed like a hooker." - Maddy Quotes

Maddy euphoria quotes
6. "I'm just saying, love, is a million things. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn't." - Maddy Quotes

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Maddy euphoria quotes

  1. "You are whole family is so f*cking weird." - Maddy Quotes
  2. "B*tch, you're my soulmate." - Maddy Quotes

  3.  "We don't eat carbs!" - Maddy Quotes

  4.  "The universe is just out here giving zero f*cks." - Maddy Quotes

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