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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

plants vs zombies 2 hacked all plants unlocked full version

How to get premium plants for free in pvz2

Here is the complete video about how to get premium plants for free in pvz2. If you have any questions about plants vs zombies 2 then you can ask in the comment box. 

Plants vs Zombies 2 - Today, in this topic I will tell you how you can convert your Plants vs Zombies 2
Non Premium mod to Premium mod.
Let start the topic of how you can convert your plants into Max Level Plants
You have to download 2 Files
1.           Zarchiver
2.           PP.DAT

Download PP.DAT

You will find both files links in the description
Hope you downloaded both files if you have any problem downloading files
Join a Facebook group you will find a group link in the description you can ask there.

Facebook Group 

Before starting the video I will show you my game and you will see all Plants will be
Non-premium yet.

If you have opened your game Please close the game properly then
  1. Open Zarchiver
  2. Go to Download Folder
  3. You will find that pp.dat file in the download folder
  4. To copy/cut pp.dat file press and hold it.
  5. Go back Click on 2 dots (..)
  6. Then click on Android
  7. Then click on the data
  • Now scroll down you will see
  • Click on it
  • Then click files
  • Now click on No_Backup
  • Now Paste that file here click on Paste Icon below
  • Then click on Apply to all files
  • And then click on replace
Now close the Zarchiver and open your game
In plants vs zombies 2, you will see you all plants are
Converted from non-premium mod to premium mod.
Enjoy Your Game.

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I will make one more video for all Max Level Plants if you have any problem just join our Facebook group Link is Description.

plants vs zombies 2 app

Plants vs zombies 2 appThe Plants vs Zombies 2 app we are surveying in this presentation audit is allowed to download at the pertinent Android App store and will run on the standard Android working framework. Having accomplished a colossal measure of consideration since its discharge, the individuals that have utilized Plants vs Zombies 2 felt that it offered a great arrangement when searching for a reasonable game. With an Android size of 237MB, Plants vs Zombies 2 requires a genuinely noteworthy measure of room on your cell phone so know whether you have constrained stockpiling accessible. Other prominent games that may intrigue you incorporate.

Plants vs zombies 2 app Phone Requirements!

Plants vs Zombies 2 app needs a mobile that runs android yet else it just requires scarcely any preparing force, a low-quality GPU for the low-concentrated designs, and a modest quantity of RAM. Anyway it runs, the fundamental necessity is the 2.3 least Android variant which requires a telephone that has been discharged inside the previous not many years.

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